Hillvale Gallery is proud to announce the final exhibition of 2023 by long-time friend of Hillvale; Luke Le, as he explores the life of an image in his latest body of work titled Remember?

Le interrogates how time and context add layers of complexity and distortion from the moment an image is generated in the mind's eye, right through until it’s decay.

Remember? features 10+ years of images from the first moments Le began photographing until the present day. The works are heavily processed by hand creating unique objects and prints. He has created a closed loop whereby the only new materials used in production are the inks and frames.


Luke Le (formerly Luke Van Aurich) is an artist and designer based in Sydney/on Gadigal Land working with no formal training. Born in Perth/Boorloo, his career has spanned photography, publishing, furniture design and product design. He has exhibited his photography in various contexts in Australia and internationally.

Le uses photography to comprehend our shared human experience and as a tool to communicate, free from the limitations of language. Aiming to ask many questions and answer very few. He does not seek a resolved project but rather an ongoing, open-ended body of work that allows you to create your own conclusion.

In 2021, Le released his first major artist book What are you looking for? published Perimeter Editions; rerouting notions of diarism and the impromptu to broach new aesthetic and philosophical terrains. As a kind of open letter to a former life in Melbourne, the book forms both an intensely personal gesture and a wider provocation toward the subjectivities and assumptions that underpin photography itself.

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